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December 23, 2007



OMG I won~T____T But I lost..

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2007, 6:46 PM

Urban Angels by zone12

***Dreams of a Cintiq 12WX***
Merry Christmas to all my friends, watchers, fellow artists
and cosplayers! I hope you all had a great time!
Happy New Year as well!!

Chance by BlackMageAlodia

Anima Fanart Contest</strong>
Oh my god! Today, the winners for the Anima Fanart
hosted by Wen-M were announced. I checked
the list, and found my work and name included there!
OMG! I really didn't expect it. Just look at all the pretty
entries! Haha, I'm really lucky that I got the last place! :3
That is already enough to make me really happy because
part of the prize is to include and publish the winning works
in Anima's Official Art Book. I really think that they chose
my artwork out of pity. Lol!
Anyway, here is the list of winners:

Anima Contest Winners by Wen-M

my entry:

Anima: Forest Damsels by BlackMageAlodia

I still cannot believe it because I don't think that my work is
worthy enough. D: It has always been my dream
to work with guys working on game art. And to be published
in an official game art book is just too much~ *heart stops*
And as the saying goes, "Try and try until you die"
(Wait,that sounded wrong.... what the heck!)

Thanks, Wen!! ^_^
I shall prepare the 300dpi version of this asap(after xmas celebration)!

Merry Christmas</strong>
Merry Christmas to everyone!!! :D
Where will you guys be on Christmas Eve?
Well, as for me, my family and I always spend
it at my tito/uncle's place.:p

I received an 8gb memory card for the PSP as
a present from one of my friends this Christmas.
Gosh, I never knew that this thing already existed!!
THANK YOU! *tears*

I also got an Expose 5 art book! <3 Thank you so much!
I have new inspiration! But before reading it again, I must
wrap it with plastic cover. (I do this to all my art books
because I want to preserve them) THANKS!^_^

(Other stuff I received were:
a huge DN figurine <3, make-up, chain belts, bags,
blouses, perfumes, wallets, etc etc)
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts~~!
I really appreciate them! :D

What did you guys get/give? :D

I'm still wishing for a yo-yo. I'll go get one myself.
Do you know where I could get a nice yo-yo? The one
that does not break easily because I tend to break yo-yos
fast. I do a few tricks with it like walk-the dog and around-the-
world, etc. Soon after learning more tricks, I will become a
deadly yo-yo-wielding school-girl. Mwahaha! Time to put
spikes on my yo-yo. LOL!

(I got myself one already! :3)

But I lost...</strong> pet Siamese Cat, Yuki. Our helper told us that
she was missing after the last shooting of Lastikman.
I should get a pet snake next time so that if someone
tries to steal them, I'd know who just by looking at my
pet snake's tummy. Grr!
This is the 2nd time someone got my pet cat. My 1st one
was also a Siamese. His name is Misty. (sorry for the girly
name. We thought that he was a girl when we got him...)

Hero Con</strong>


My Christmas-related Deviations</strong>
I'll be Home for Christmas by BlackMageAlodia
Merry Kurismasu by BlackMageAlodia Crimson Christmas by BlackMageAlodia

Currently, I am addicted to the comic series Runaways by Marvel.
Thank you to Xander(FA Office Overlord) for lending me his
precious collection. *steals*

Tricia and I Goofing around! XD

Art Commissions</strong>
Closed again. I have more than enough in my hands
right now. Sorry, this will keep me busy up until next year.^^v

1) "Love and Heartbreak" Comics (done)
2) John Bamber - Six 11"x17" Traditional Works

Art New Site Features</strong>
Auckland Cosplay Picnic

Xmas Wishlist</strong>
Since I've been seeing a few around. I'll post mine, as well.
I'm lazy to update especially come tons of workload in school
and extra curricular stuff.
  1. World of Warcraft TCG Art Book
  2. Fusion Junction 2
  3. Exotique 3
  4. Expose 5</strong>
  5. Random Metallic/Bold Colored Eyeshadows
    (Yellow, Red, RedOrange, Ocean Blue, Violet,etc)
  6. PS3/Wii (lol..sob)
  7. Red PSP Slim D:
  8. West of Heroes (lol)
  9. 2gb / 4gb psp memory stick
  10. a professional yoyo

Ask Me a Question</strong> open again! I've been receiving a lot of notes about wigs,
art stuff, costumes,etc through note. It's pretty hard to answer
the same questions over and over again, but i shall try. So I'm
opening this thread/journal again if ever you, guys, have any
more queries about anything.

World of Warcraft BC</strong>
Blood Elf Priestess: Alodia
(Hyjal Server)

Animax Levi's Kawaii Girl</strong>

Candy Mag</strong>
Oh before I forget, please grab a copy of the latest issue of
Candy Mag(a teen magazine) because Zack Effron is on the Cover! <3
Kidding! Haha, anyway, I was featured there("My World") and Tricia/slumberdoll,
Gia/tsok and my friend Sabrina Asano also have pretty photos there!
Hahaha! Oh no! Deviant Artists are everywhere now! Haha!

Art Contest WINNERS</strong>

:bulletred: Alodia on the Keyboards</u> (FF7 Fight Theme)
(Higher Resolution Video here)

:bulletred: alodiaPLAYS</u> by Ronald Guanzon

:bulletred: Full Version</u> of the performance (including more FF songs)
(In YouTube)

:bulletred: Quick Interview</u>


-Full Layout in Allianora Designs
-a mexican anime and manga magazine (I forgot the name of the mag, ill go check)
-Photo Feature i n Aries' Fashion Art Directory
- a card game for Gekko Yume (coming soon)

Kawaii Girl: Misa
Kawaii Girl: Close Door
My DN Misa Costume was based on this official artwork.
Photos by slumberdoll :3

:bulletred: Art Gifts Part I :bulletred:
:bulletred: Art Gifts Part II :bulletred:


:iconblackmagealodia: / :iconalodia-stock:

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: My World
  • Reading: RUNAWAYS
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: Water
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WanderinShadow Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008
Any luck with the Wii? Brawl is comming soon =D
Phagos Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008
That's sad about your cat
kamuixtv99 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
The online price of 1 PS3 is = 3 x Wii. Hmm not bad (Does Sony knows that?). That's 3 Wiis for the 3 (you know who :) ) of you...from me...uhm not now who knows maybe next christmas.
SaburoTenma Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007
Belated Merry Christmas! Kung gus2 mo, laro tau sa PS3 ko? hehehe :yoda:
Xephr-Darkwind Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007
:santa: Merry Christmas :santa:
keithsith Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007
Happy Holidays^^, Christmas is over so.... Congrats on blessings esp. the 8gb magic gate memory for psp^^ It's a new release if I'm not mistaken. :sigh: I only have 4gb for psp but it's more than enough for me^^

And did ya know that cats are more loyal to the house where they are stayin than to the owners who feed them? She'll come back :D
BlackMageAlodia Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
The 8gb mem card I got is Sony..:p

I hope she comes back because my first cat was stolen so he never came back. This time..I think..Yuki was stolen by one of the crew men of that show..:c
keithsith Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007
Hehe uhmmm yeah magic gate Sony mem card :P
Whoever that person is, best wishes for his/her KarMa for stealin your precious cat...
eepyaj07 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007  Professional Filmographer
hello,congrats on winning the contest.i think you really deserve it^^.
kamikazee009 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007
Merry Christmas Miss Alodia! I hope I could meet you someday! Are you still in Ateneo?
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